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Amazon Hub Review: What Is It, How It Works

Amazon Hub Reviews | Amazon Hub Apartment Locker Review, Cost, Alternatives

You increasingly continue to shop online and feel tired of the endless stream of boxes that pile up on your doorstep. That’s right, online shopping is not easy, especially when we talk about Amazon, therefore you need qualified management software. It doesn’t matter if you are an owner, renter, or manager at your multifamily building. You must have known of Amazon Hub Apartment Locker and if you don’t, this article is just for you.

You’ll get to know all the information about Amazon’s apartment package locker system in this article. How much does it cost if it works with other package management software, etc.

Amazon Hub

This review post covers:

  • About Amazon Hub
  • How Amazon Hub Apartment Locker works
  • Should you get an Amazon Hub Apartment Locker?
  • Alternatives to Amazon Hub package lockers

About Amazon Hub

Amazon Hub Locker is a secure compartment where your packages will be stored while you are busy at work or when you’re out.  You can take up your packages at any time and any day, including weekends. This is very convenient because the courier is not always ready to transfer your package at any time. The days of “packages at the front door” are over.

When your package already is at your Amazon Hub Locker. You will receive an email from Amazon with detailed information about the locker. In your email, you’ll find the specific time, a pin code to get access so you can open it.

Amazon Hub lockers become more available. You already might find it in any kind of store, postal center, gas station, etc. So feel free to choose a location you have easy access to.

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The Amazon Hub is created to be installed more for residents than for private homes. There are indoor and outdoor versions of the system.

How big is the Amazon Hub package locker?

The minimum width of a single system is 71 inches. It consists of several lockers with a touch screen. When the package is transferred, the customer will receive a notification from Amazon company with a code. Then he or she simply has to enter the code and take up the item from the locker.

The minimum height of the inner system is 72 inches, the depth is 12 inches. It consists of 42 compartments, so you can put any parcel in them.

How does Amazon Hub Locker work?

You will receive an email from Amazon when your package is ready for taking up at the locker you choose. Please note that you need to take up the item as soon as possible, or at least 2-3 days or the item will be sent back to the company. Now that you have the code and are ready to receive your package.

The Next step is to check the email Amazon sent you so you could know how to get to your Amazon Hub Locker if you don’t know where it is. The code you will receive gives access to your compartment.

Head to your locker and find your slot. After successfully entering your information, and opening the slot you can take up your package.

Should you get an Amazon Hub Apartment Locker?

For a multifamily owner or manager, it would be a perfect solution because your building requires property management software. You should read more information about Amazon Hub Locker and compare it to your package software.

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  • Various sized compartments
  • Touchscreen in the center with the keypad interface
  • Modular system with optional expander units

Amazon Hub Apartment Locker Cost

Surely to get updated information you should contact Amazon directly to get the exact price. But Amazon Hub is available at an affordable cost.

Pros and cons


  • Сompartments of different sizes, so are oversized compartments. You cannot receive long-sized packages
  • Amazon Hub Locker will instantly get you notified when your package is delivered


  • To buy an Amazon apartment package locker you need to be approved by the Amazon company. So it could take a couple of days so you can manage your time effectively.
  • It doesn’t matter what size compartment you use, because you still have limits in the sizes of packages.
  • The Amazon Apartment Locker doesn’t fit in your big apartment.
  • You will need a different control system for the Amazon package locker placed outside your building

Amazon Hub package locker alternatives

We gave access to detailed information, so you can be more informed about the Amazon Hub Apartment Locker. It’s time to discuss other problems, but don’t be worried, we are here so you can come up with the decision. Every owner, resident, and manager needs to accept packages and transfer them to residents.

There are two kinds of multifamily package management software. You have the option to choose between package lockers and package rooms. The best exchange for Amazon Hub Locker is a package room.

Package rooms are placed in buildings where couriers leave packages and residents take them up. You can manage it via a control system.

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Why a package room is better than package lockers

Package room is a good opportunity for you and here are the reasons:

No size limits. You finally get the opportunity to order any type of package. Because package rooms are not attached to compartments. The Amazon Hub Package lockers have specific sizes of compartments therefore you may not order oversized packages.

Amazon Lockers installation requires space. For multifamily properties, it’s easy to install the system but it depends on the type of building. Not everyone could arrange a space for that. On the other hand, there is a package room which is easy to find a space for, because it could any available room in your building.

The price is good for you. Unlike Amazon Package lockers which cost you 1k to 10k approximately, package room requires only an intercom system so you can manage and control via entry panels. Also, it is easy to use building intercom as well.

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