Stock updates

02 June, 2016

We have expanded our stock, we now include the long-awaited BAS-IP devices that many of you will probably be interested in. They are as follows:

Wireless sensor switches (SH series);
SH-45 exit button ;
EM-Marin keychain SH-01;
IP audio handset SP-02.

Let us see what they are in a brief:

We are sure that you have heard of about wireless switches and some of you might probably have seen them. These touch panels are made out of glass, control the lights and curtains. Among the currently available models, there are:

  • SH-72 – allows for controlling 4 set scenarios;
  • SH-73 – light switch for 1 channel;
  • SH-74 – light switch for 2 channels;
  • SH-75 – light switch for 3 channels;
  • SH-78 – curtains control for 1 channel.

At the moment, switches are available in white only.

The user can control lighting and other end-devices by means of using our switches directly, or remotely via the intercom or mobile device. To do so, the client has to connect the special protocol converter SH-71.

Allow us to briefly explain how such devices work. When you select the required command in a special application installed on your smartphone, it connects to your BAS-IP video intercom which sends the command through an SH-71 module by means of the ZigBee wireless protocol to the switch that turns on or off the lights or changes the position of the curtains.

The standards-compliant  SH-45 exit button is made out of durable stainless steel and can be pressed for an almost unlimited number of times and more than 50 million times. In addition, ensures the highest level of protection IP68. SH-45 requires the supply voltage of +12 V.

SH-45 exit button can change illumination colour from red to green when you press it. It can also be utilized as a trigger.

You can install the button both indoors and outdoors, as its operating temperature ranges from -40 to + 60° C.


SH-01 is a round red keychain. It has an embedded EM4102 chip, which is used to read information only. Even though a lot depends on the card reader used, on average it is enough to keep SH-01 on 2-3 cm from the reader so it can read its code.

Keychain is very compact, for its diameter is equal to only 34 mm. It can be easily attached to your keying or be put in your wallet.

SP-02 IP audio handset is a compact device that can be installed if you do not need to see the face of a person visiting you. The device connects to the network via RJ45 Ethernet cable and has PoE power supply.

SP-02 audio handset supports P2P SIP and SIP 2.0 protocols, as well as 2 VoIP accounts. By using this device, you can accept a call made from the panel, talk to the visitor, open the door, call the concierge, or make an emergency call.

This model is extremely convenient, for it can be installed in two ways: on the desktop or  on the wall. The audio handset is made of plastic and is available in two colours: black and beige. The user can set the SP-02 model to serve as a second intercom or simply use it to open the door lock.