New firmware for EVRC-IP lift controller

22 April, 2022

In April 2022 a new firmware was released for EVRC-IP lift controller. Follow the link below and check what is interesting in this firmware!

  • Updated design and functionality of the web interface
  • Added support and interaction with Link
  • Added the ability to manually and automatically set the time
  • Added the ability to open / close specific lift ports for a specified time using API and web interface
  • Updated settings for floors and ports with the ability to conveniently bind a floor to all available relays and apartments, according to the selected mode
  • Implemented the ability to bind one identifier to more than one floor and apartment
  • Representation of identifiers is implemented both in Decimal and in HEX number systems
  • Added Wiegand type adjustment
  • All types of identifiers are supported: card, passcode, UKEY, QR code, Face ID
  • Added logging with filtering in the Logs of the controller itself, as well as in the Link logs
  • Added the ability to save and restore lift settings from a file
  • Added the ability to reset to default settings
  • Improved data export/import function
  • Added the ability to clear certain data
  • Added the ability to update the software from the server or from a file in the web interface
  • Added the ability to reboot the device in the web interface or API
  • New API

Updating with RUT is available here.