02 March, 2019

We are pleased to announce that a new firmware 3.1.2 is available for multi-apartment outdoor panels BAS-IP AA-07/09/11/12.
The firmware can be downloaded here.

What’s new in this firmware:

1. Implemented event logging functionality
Now you can watch the records of various events in the web interface of the outdoor panel and send them to the server (opening locks, making and receiving calls, etc). The call panel can store up to 20 thousand records.

2. Implemented interaction protocol of outdoor panels and BAS-IP Link software
Multi-subscriber outdoor panels are displayed in the software during network searching, whereas BAS-IP Link is able to receive event logs from the panels, download and synchronize identifiers, temporary profiles, as well as assume access of the control functions.

3. Implemented new functionality and API for managing outdoor panels from the remote server
Using the software, the outdoor panel provides full control over the access control system, sending all access codes and identifiers to the server and waiting for confirmation of allowing or denying access by each identifier and code.
The new version of the API is available here.

4. Implemented migration of identifiers to a new database
Now you can transfer old identifiers to a new database and manage them both from the web interface and with BAS-IP Link.

5. Various alterations