17 March, 2015

IP video intercom AR-07L – this is a new version AR-07 without camera. Ultramodern model is notable for high quality and wide use, taking into account its low price.

Video intercom AR-07L is suitable for everyone, who is interested in future technologies and uses its advantages even now. This monitor unites with other BAS-IP and other devices in the flex system, which is capable to ensure safety and comfort just as in an apartment so at an enterprise. It has a possibility to connect up to 16 cameras, 10 individual panels, 10 multi apartment panels and up to 8 monitors. One can also connect to it up to 8 signaling sensors. There is audio intercom communication between internal monitors, for example, between rooms at home or offices connected to the local network.

Due to the system Smart home you can control such home automation functions with a help of BAS-IP AR-07L: light, air conditioning, curtains, lock, alarm and program any home automation operating scenarios (using appropriate control modules). With the support of the SIP protocol by the monitor AR-07L you can accept the call from the individual or multiuser outdoor panel on any smart phone or tablet running on OS Android or iOS. Having seen on the screen of the mobile device who has come, you can open the door to the visitor if you want.

The intercom carries out video files and supports photo frame mode owing to the external memory – SD card where you can download the movies and photos to watch.

New line of BAS- IP AR-07L has entered for storage. To order it, contact, please, with our authorized representatives.