15 October, 2013

We are glad to inform You that the application BAS-IP iOS has been tested and is already available for download in the App Store.

Download from App Store

Application BAS-IP is a mobile client, which gives You the opportunity to take calls, view video camera with outdoor panels and manage Smart home with your beloved iPhone or iPad.
The main features of the application:
• Receive calls with apartment and individual calling panels. If necessary, you can open the door
• View the video from the cameras individual and apartment calling panels
• Alarm management (it is possible to put and withdraw the system is disarmed)and receive alarm messages in case of alarms
• Control your home automation: light, curtains, a lift and other
• Dimming modules home automation and signaling
For correct operation of all functions of the application, Your iOS device must be connected to the same LAN as the primary monitor, via Wi-Fi.