19 July, 2016

Today we will share information that surely is very useful for you. That is about the integration of BAS-IP equipment in the system-software solution company ITV, namely with software “Intellect”. The use of “Intellect” in a complex with BAS-IP intercom systems will be interesting primarily for developers and installers, as well as for businesses, office or shopping centers. This will not only expand the range of possibilities in the carried out tasks, but at the same time reduce the cost of additional equipment or workplaces. And due to the system modularity, the customer can choose which functions he needs to build an effective security of the specific object at minimal cost.

This decision created a system that includes the benefits of already existing BAS-IP functionality, as well as performing new tasks related to obtaining and recording video stream of any IP equipment, for its further analytics.

Among the advanced features of BAS-IP intercom systems is worth to mention following:

• Recording of video stream from BAS-IP outdoor panels on the software solution “Intellect”, for future viewing and analysis.

• Extensive and flexible configuration. Video recording can be carried out continuously as well as start in manual mode, by pressing the call button on the panel, by time settings, by motion detection, or by specified criteria, such as fixing the person crossing a certain area, or the identification of vehicle license plates.

• Receiving audio and video calls from the outside panel after visitor’s pressing the call button, with ability to response it in the “Intellect” software solution, followed by conducting a conversation and viewing the video image from this panel.

• Ability to control the relay contacts on the outside panel (door opening) during conducting a conversation from the outdoor panel, or while viewing image from it.

• Possibility of forced activation of sound path in the outside panel, for the transmission and receiving audio not only during the call, but also at any time at the request of the “Intellect” operator.

• Ability to manage relay contacts on the panel (opening doors), upon the occurrence of various events that have been detected as a result of the analytics work in software “Intellect”. For example, the possibility of opening the door (relay control) when analytics triggered and determination of the occurrence of any event which is present in the database of the software “Intellect”.

By using “Intellect”, it is possible to combine a set of different security systems into a single informational environment, which implements the functions of data collecting, processing, and intellectual analysis.