Integration of BAS-IP with software “Intellect”

19 July, 2016

Today, we would like to reveal a piece of information that will surely be very useful to you.  It relates to the integration of BAS-IP equipment with the system-software solution provided by the ITV Company, namely, the “Intellect” software. The use of “Intellect” in combination with BAS-IP intercom systems will surely be interesting primarily for developers and installers, as well as for businesses, offices, and shopping centres. It will not only expand the range of possibilities in terms of the performance tasks carried out but will also reduce the cost of additional equipment or workforce. Due to the system’s modular nature, the customer will be able to choose which functions he or she needs to create effective security of a specific object at a minimal cost.

Such a decision has led to the creation of a system that grants the user the benefits of the already existing BAS-IP functionality, as well as perform new tasks related to obtaining and recording video stream of any IP equipment for further analysis.

Among the advanced features of BAS-IP intercom systems, the following are certainly worth mentioning:

• Recording video streams from BAS-IP outdoor panels by means of the “Intellect” software for future viewing and analysis.

• Extensive and flexible configuration. Video recording can be carried out continuously, as well as in manual mode by pressing the call button on the panel, by setting specific time settings, after detecting a particular motion, or after meeting specified criteria, such as a person crossing a certain area or after the identification of vehicle license plates.

• Receiving audio and video calls from the outside panel after a visitor has pressed the call button, with the ability to respond to it via the “Intellect” software, which can be followed up with a conversation and viewing the video image from the panel.

• Ability to control the door contacts on the outside panel (open and close the door) during a conversation. 

• Possibility of sounding an alarm or recorded message on the outside panel, allowing for the transmission and audio reception not only during a call but also at any time (at the request of the “Intellect” operator).

• Has the ability to send your desired information once the “Intellect” software database has detected it.

By using “Intellect”, it is possible to combine a set of security systems into a single IT environment, which can ensure the performance of such tasks as data collecting, processing, and intellectual analysis.