28 April, 2014

Infrared control module for IR-devices ‏BAS-IP SH-67 makes the house automatics control much easier.

By plugging it in video intercom BAS-IP, you can control those devices of house automatics at home that have IR module. These can be such devices as TV, air conditioner, music center, IR controller for curtains and others. By means of this module you can send up to 8 instructions on the devices with IR-port.

Technique control is also manages according to one of scenarios that you can set-up yourself. For example, for the scenario «Out of home» the TV and air conditioner are going to switch off, the curtains will close.

SH-67 fits for ceiling, wall-mounted and free-standing installation. It is made from white plastics for painting that is why you can choose the most suitable color for your interior design.

BAS-IP SH-67 requires installation of the protocol converter SH-61.