30 September, 2014

We are not resting on our laurels, as well as we are always considering opinion and ideas of our partners and users. The most interesting and relevant of ideas and wishes we put into practice. Today we want to share the list of enhancements which have been recently made, namely:

– In outdoor panels AV-01T, AA-01, AA-03, AA-05 (all v3) appeared a capability to integrate with ACS on a protocol WIEGAND-26. From now on you can connect other controllers (working on the protocol WIEGAND-26) to these panels, and they will be used to keep record of visitors (by read points). Virtually in this case panels are going to be used as a readout device for access control systems!

– We have made an output for connection of the executors to the internal monitors (v3). Now while calling from outdoor panels or other devices (other IP video intercom BAS-IP, concierge monitor, SIP telephone) on the monitor, the last one will give 12 V to the output, situated on the back side. You can connect to this output any executor.

– We have increased the maximum quantity of rooms from 4 to 20 (for v3) in the home automatics system.

– From now the photos are made on the third second during the call from the outdoor panel.

– You have possibility to connect the usual call button to the monitors (v3). You can use now IP video intercom as a typical call.

– There is a possibility to disable automatically the security mode on the monitor by bringing access card to the outdoor panel (while opening a door with the card). This option can be activated optionally.

– While calling by SIP appeared possibility to set up the maximum durability of the conversation time.