25 April, 2014

BAS-IP SH-40 developed a universal delay module for all types of locks, both electromagnetic and electromechanical.

BAS-IP SH-40 can perform the delay for the door, unlocking for 0,5-10 seconds, and it will perfect for installation in residential complexes, offices and other accommodations where the access control is situated.

You can choose the type of connected lock with the help of switcher on the board of the delay module.

When the switcher is «NO», the voltage applies on the connection contacts of the lock «Lock+» and «Lock–» only at the moment of the door opening. As for the switcher in the position «NC», the voltage is constant, and only at the point of the door opening it is turning off.

BAS-IP SH-40 is a small device, «mediator» between the lock and the outdoor panel that is individual for the user and object.