BAS-IP Link – software for remote control of complete functionality of BAS-IP devices!

01 March, 2019

Today we are pleased to introduce our new software.

BAS-IP Link is software for BAS-IP equipment and realizing centralized access control in residential complexes and office centres of varying complexity.

BAS-IP Link has a wide range of capabilities, including setting access rights for all residents/employees, providing guest access (access for a specified period of time to certain doors or zones), organizing newsletters, conducting user surveys and much more.

The software has an intuitive web-based interface, which makes it very practical. It’s adapted to work with a computer as well as a mobile phone.

Currently, BAS-IP Link is available in beta version and works stably with the BAS-IP equipment such as multi-apartment outdoor panels AA-07/09/11/12 and BI-02/04/06/08/12.

BAS-IP Link beta version already has:

1. PWA support
Progressive Web Applications are web applications that look like ordinary web pages or web sites but offer different customer features such as offline work, push notifications, and access to device hardware which has been traditionally available only for native applications.

2. Individual and invitation user registration system
A user can register with BAS-IP Link independently to work only with his BAS-IP devices or register by invitation, for example, from a management company which provides partial access.

3. Personal account for each user
Using a personal account, each user/resident can provide visitors with guest access to certain doors/ zones, as well as customized BAS-IP devices.

4. Different types of users
The different types of users with different privileges and opportunities in the system such as an administrator, manager, and user were developed to work with the BAS-IP Link software.

5. Flexible settings of real estate items, developing groups of objects with any size and complexity
Objects in the system have a tree-structured pattern, thanks to which the administrator can create and form groups of any size and complexity, ranging from a city, district or street, ending with a specific apartment, and give concierges and users various privileges within these groups.

6. Access control system buildings with individual access codes, identifiers, access zoning, flexible schedules, and guest access

7. Server-side ACS permission decisions making
To provide enhanced security, identifiers, access codes, and temporary profiles cannot be stored in the internal memory of outdoor panels, but on the BAS-IP Link server.

8. Newsletters and opinion polls
Company administrators can create newsletters and opinion polls that would be displayed in personal users’ accounts.

9. Concierge chat

10. Searching and managing of BAS-IP devices
The device search is implemented in the local network, with subsequent adding and linking to suitable groups. It is also possible to remotely backup device settings.

11. Real-time event log
Allows real-time check-up of statistics of using cards, calls, access codes, as well as opening locks from all devices.

12. System event log
Allows for review of who has made changes in the system and when.

13. Powerful filter system for all data types
The ability to filter data by individual fields and specifications as well as to save selected filters into segments.

14. Multilingual interface

You can read more about BAS-IP Link and how to download it in our Wiki via the link.