13 November, 2014

BAS-IP Company invites you to visit the annual International exhibition «ALL-OVER-IP», which is going to be held this year from 19 to 20 November in Moscow.

We have not stopped here, we continue to study new trends, both in the context of technological innovations and design.

This time we present to you a variety of new developments. First of all, this is the low-budget IP video intercom with the 4-inch display – BAS-IP AZ-04 v3.

Firstly, our new outdoor panels BAS-IP BA-04 and BA-08. Both are IP panels for 4 and 8 users in accordance, Both are an ideal solution for small offices (for 2-8 companies) or for installation on the floor of multi-apartment building, where residents with multiuser outdoor panels at the front door can install an additional panel with individual buttons near the public door for the passage directly to the apartments on their floor.

For the first time, we will present the all-new IP communication system client-operator with SIP protocol support, which allows controlling any executive units connected to the call stations and streaming any recording to an individual or group of stations at the same time.

Lastly, the enhancement of consumer devices and flexibility, BAS-IP p WE are delighted with two new models. They are SIP servers, which support 16 and 200 simultaneous connections.

At the booth, you will be able not only to test new equipment but also get consultations from our engineers regarding any point of interest.

The exhibition will be held in the territory of the Exhibition and Convention Centre “Sokolniki”.

The number of our booth is 10-2-2.

We will be glad to see you!