18 April, 2016

We take a proper care to ensure the maximum convenience forAndroid users – now BAS-IP application is available for download on Google Play. This application is completely free.

By using the BAS-IP intercom, you can remotely control all your intercom system via our app installed on your smartphone. The app will allow you not only to accept calls from the panel from your phone, but will also make it possible for you to view the image from any of the connected cameras in real time, speak with your visitor, and even open the doors, if need be. If you happen to have a home automation system connected, you can also manage it to, for example, open/close curtains, turn the lighting on/off, and even turn off the security alarm in your apartment.

The app allows you to accept calls and talk to visitors using the multi-apartment outdoor panels, as well as taking advantage of the individual ones. Thanks to the ability to control the relay of the outside panel, you can open the doors for your  guests during the call. You can also make an intercom call to another intercom operating in your system by using your phone. If the security alarm triggers during your absence, you will immediately receive a notification on your phone and after connecting to any camera in your network, you will see what has been happening.

Download the useful BAS-IP app for Android and enjoy the capabilities of IP technology.