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01 June, 2017

Marketing materials (2017)

Marketing materials production of BAS-IP


10 October, 2015

Smart switches BAS-IP

Besides video intercom BAS-IP offers individual and multi apartment outdoor panels, fire alert panel, home automation control modules, client-operator system and SIP commutation switches for 16 and 200 users. BAS-IP experts have also developed ...


07 September, 2015

BAS-IP equipment will make your home not only secure, but also «smart»

Modern person cannot imagine life without intercom systems that have become an integral part of our lives in recent years. Developing from the simple black-and-white models to the colored one, the intercoms have evolved in a new formation under ...


13 August, 2015

About IP systems

The rest of us got long used to the colored intercoms that have taken confidently the place of the black-and-white one in recent years. At the moment individual video intercoms are basically intended for recognition of a visitor (or just to see ...