BAS-IP Link – software for remote control of complete functionality of BAS-IP devices!

30 April, 2020

‘Link’ is a software for centralized access control used in conjunction with the BAS-IP equipment in residential complexes and office centres of varying complexity. It allows you flexibility in managing all the functionality of the door entry intercom system from anywhere in the world.


You can work with Link on any device: a computer, a tablet,
or a smartphone running any operating system.

Link 7

• For data security, a convenient backup and information restore system are provided. No need to worry about its safety.

• Link is available as a cloud service, while still providing additional privacy, although can be installed locally for ease of use.

There are several types of users in the system: Administrator, Manager, and User, which is a set of administrative options for each type of account.

Main features

  • There are accounts with various rights for different types of users in Link: administrators, concierges, and residents.
  • Create and control objects of any complexity. An administrator can create objects of any size and structure, sort them by groups, provide concierges and users with various rights within groups.
  • Flexible ACS control — creation of flexible access rules with schedules for each user in the system and automatic download to devices.
  • Guest access — grant access to certain areas at the specified time or number of passes just from your account.
  • Face IDs support — the possibility of downloading residents’ photos in Link where they will be converted into hashes and transferred to panels as well as other IDs. They also can be automatically linked to access rules or used for temporary access.
  • Decision server access. Outdoor entrance panels don’t store the data about IDs or codes in this mode. However, they are every time transferred to the decision server access.
  • Centralized device control: search, add to the system, set up, updates and back up.
  • The possibility of sending notifications to the selected group of devices — creation of notification rules for groups of devices: specify the device, select MP3 recordings to be played, start automatically at the specified time according to the schedule or manually.
  • The built-in telephony server: push notifications in the BAS-IP Intercom application, automatic generation of numbering plans depending on users’ rights, automatic generation of contacts book directories for panels, automatic entry of telephony settings in the connected devices (SIP settings, forwarding rules).
  • The built-in concierge SIP client: receiving and making video calls, panel unlocking, queue/hold/call history, contacts book directory.
  • Logging and system audit. The entry of all events from devices: IDs bringing, codes entered, unlocking from a called device, call records, and all the actions in the system, and many more.
  • Marking log entries support — the possibility of custom markers creation. For instance, «Defaulter» or «Waiting for a deliver».

The Administrator and Manager can create access zones in and between the projects, deny access on specified dates and certain times by using temporary access restriction for identifiers and access codes issued to users.

The Administrator can run user polls, and after that, collect statistics (number of people who saw the poll and who participated in it) along with the results.BAS-IP Link

For the end-user, Link will look like their usual personal space, where he/she
can log in and manage the settings installed in their apartment and give guests
access to the premises.

BAS-IP Link Guest Access

Guest access

Residents of the apartment or building can issue guest access to visitors. For example, waiting for a delivery man, you can create special access limited in time or number of passes.

It can be used for entering the premises, opening the door of the unit, and be able to deliver parcels etc to your door at the office or apartment, the delivery person only needs to press the outer door panel.




How does it work?

The Resident or manager of the complex enters the “Link” personal space,  he/she can then see the outdoor panels (the doors that they control). After selecting the relevant radio button where access is needed, the system generates a special link which the resident then sends to the guest phone number (email or messenger). Then, when the guest arrives they can use the link that you sent to them, he/she opens the link on the smartphone to see each of the panels and the “Open” button. The door can now be unlocked with a push of a button.

Guest access system can be flexibly customized. You can easily customize:

– Number of passes;
– Access point;
– The time during which these restrictions work and more.