Presentation of the BAS-IP AV-02 V3outdoor panel

18 April, 2015

The new BAS-IP AV-02 v3 panel differs from other BAS-IP devices mainly due to the implementation of a two-way feed, it can be powered from both +12V power units and twisted pair (PoE). Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology which allows for transferring electric power to a remote device along with the data via standard twisted pair used in Ethernet networks.

The user does not require any special commutative blocks for the discussed device to work in the existing BAS-IP system, for standard PoE-switches (802.3af) are used for connection-related purposes. As a result, PoE-switches made by various manufacturers can be used without any limitations whatsoever.

What is more, the discussed panel is combined with the SIP 2.0 protocol and supports the proprietary BAS-IP protocol, meaning that while having SIP-PBX, the user can make calls not only to BAS-IP monitors, along with IP-phones and other devices, on which the SIP client can be installed, such as PCs, tablets, or smartphones. SIP-PBX provided by BAS-IP allows for combining outdoor panels, monitors, and IP-telephones by connecting them to a single network designed for 16 to 200 users (depending on the model). It should be taken into account that PBX may not be the only one utilized within the scope of a given network, for the system can be scaled.

By means of using SIP-PBX, one can make audio and video calls via devices not only connected to the local network but also to the worldwide Internet network. As a result, if one has the SIP-client on his or her mobile phone, one will be able to receive a call, view the image from the outdoor panel camera, as well as open the door lock even when one is not at home.

The new BAS-IP AV-02 v3 outdoor panel improves the BAS-IP system greatly and building on the advantages of adding it to the system, making it much better than other intercom systems available on the market. The robust panel case classified with an IP65 protection level allows the device to operate in any weather conditions. Moreover, PoE support provides the constant electric power supply through the twisted pair after connecting the device to an Ethernet network.