18 April, 2015

The new panel BAS-IP AV-02 v3 differs from other BAS-IP panels by the double-way feed – it can be powered both from the power units +12V and the twisted pair (PoE). Power over Ethernet (PoE) is the technology which allows transferring of the electric power to a remote device along with the data via standard twisted pair to the Ethernet networks.

It should be mentioned that the user do not need any special commutative blocks for this device to work in the existed BAS-IP system, and the standards PoE-switches (802.3af) will be used for connection. As a result, PoE-switches from different manufacturers can be used, without limitations.
Also, this panel combines with the protocol SIP 2.0, besides the support of the proprietary BAS-IP protocol (private, part of the property, patented – auth.). This means that having SIP-PBX you can make calls not only on the BAS-IP monitors, as well as on IP-phones and any other device, where the software SIP client can be installed – PC, tablet, smartphone. Such SIP-PBX from BAS-IP allows combining outdoor panels, monitors and IP-telephones in the single network, and it is designed for 16 or 200 users (depending on the model). It should be taken into account that PBX may not be the one in PBX, the systems can be scaled.

By means of SIP-PBX one can make audio and video calls on the devices situated not only in the local network, but also in worldwide Internet network. As a result, if you have installed the SIP-client on your mobile phone, you will be able to receive a call, view the image from the outdoor panel camera and open the door lock even when you are not at home.

New outdoor panel BAS-IP AV-02 v3 implements perfectly BAS-IP system and increases its advantages over other intercom systems. The robust panel case with IP65 type of protection allows it operating in any weather conditions, and PoE support provides the constant electric power supply through the twisted pair in the Ethernet network.