28 April, 2014

Infrared control module for IR-devices BAS-IP SH-67: implementation up to 8 instructions in one click

Infrared control module for IR-devices ‏BAS-IP SH-67 makes the house automatics control much easie


25 April, 2014

Delay module for electromagnetic and electromechanical locks BAS-IP SH-40

BAS-IP SH-40 developed the universal delay module for all types of locks, both electromagnetic and electromechanical.


24 April, 2014

Updated version of the mobile application BAS-IP is already on the App Store

The mobile application BAS-IP is an easy-to-use Mobile Client by which you can receive calls, monitor cameras of video panels, manage house automatics and open the door lock with the help of one of your gadgets on iOS basis.


11 April, 2014

New video intercom BAS-IP AZ-04 – new possibilities for you and your house

The BAS-IP company does not stop to amaze you with new products. You will see among them this year small, functional and affordable video intercom AZ-04.