“There are many companies and you don’t know you can work with? Whom you can trust? Which equipment is the best?”



BAS-IP company – is a manufacturer of IP intercom systems that can be used to close the project of any technical complexity for any type of object.

We are ready to assist in the creation of objects of any complexity. Thanks to our experience of designing systems up to 2,700 apartments, as well as spaces of other forms of use (shopping centers, hospitals, car parks, and many others) we can easily help you to create a project for each object.
The openness of the system for any integrations. Versatile and flexible system, integrable into any IP telephony, in any ACS, and any video surveillance system, as well as smart home based on the KNX protocol. Support for SIP, Wiegand 26, Onvif, RTSP, KNX, ZegBee protocols.
The average period from the first works on the project until its final commissioning – is from 3 years. Our system considers it and all our devices will be fully compatible with the technical requirements of the customer during this time.
We will gladly assist you with your project with our equipment. Just give us background information and we will pick up the equipment and draw up an estimate for your object.

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Benefits for partners

Effective policies for distributors

  • The work in each country is only through distributors (from 1 to 5)
  • High marginal profit
  • Competitive final retail price of the devices
  • Projects protection

Technical support and trainings

  • Technical online support (phone, email, chat, skype)
  • Training of system exploitation for engineers, managers, distributors and their partners
  • Prepared estimates for technical specification
  • Free SIP Cloud service and iOS/Android application
  • Continuous work on the software and regular release of the new firmware for our equipment

Marketing support

  • Special firmware for intercoms that you can show the developer
  • Google and Youtube ad campaigns in your country
  • E-catalogs of equipment
  • Presentation prepared especially for you, with which you can reach your customer and show all the advantages of our system for his object


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