BAS-IP Application
    02 August, 2018

    Call forwarding from the BAS-IP outdoor panel to the BAS-IP Intercom application

    BAS-IP provides all its customers with a free BAS-IP Intercom mobile application and SIP cloud service. With these, you can receive calls from BAS-IP devices and view video from IP cameras from anywhere in the world. You can connect your BAS-IP ...


    BAS ELIADEN list
    05 June, 2018

    BAS-IP at the Eliaden Expo 2018: review

    The scandinavian exhibition, ELIADEN, is the largest and most rapidly-developing platform in the electrical engineering industry in Europe. Every two years, experts from the industrial, power, and electronic sectors gather in one place. The new ...


    Eliaden Expo BAS-IP
    30 May, 2018

    BAS-IP at the Eliaden expo 2018: exceptional technologies in a magical country

    BAS-IP participates in the Norway Eliaden expo. BAS-IP presents new products and new technologies in the country with magical northern lights and beautiful fjords!


    Eliaden expo
    23 May, 2018

    BAS-IP at the Eliaden expo 2018!

    A new distributor of BAS-IP, PeBeCom company, will participate in Eliaden expo on May, 29-31 in Norway.