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In December 2021 a new firmware was released for panels (version 3.2.0) and monitors (version 5.4.0). In this review, we will give details about what is interesting and new from this firmware! Individual entrance panels (except AV-08FB). Release 3.2.0. Implemented the “Rescue Service” function for the AV-04AFD model. The possibility of using a custom port […]


Despite the current situation in the world, we continue to work and improve our equipment. So, the next release of firmware for monitors and multi-apartment panels has been released. Indoor intercom monitors (AK-10/L, AQ-07/L/LA). Release 4.1.0. On the main screen, the ability to set a timer for silent mode is added. Fixed the lack of […]


Introduction Welcome to the World of Modern Intercoms! If you are one of those who is looking for a brand new intercom system for your apartment or simply want to replace an existing one in a building, then you are definitely in the right place! Our experts are here to help you choose the best […]


BAS-IP Link is a software for centralized access control and the BAS-IP equipment in residential complexes and office centers of varying complexity. It gives you flexibility in managing all the functionality of the intercom system from anywhere in the world. You can easily issue guest access to visitors. For example, when waiting for a delivery […]

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