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A problem has been discovered in several BAS-IP intercom devices. By accessing the device’s web interface or API, an attacker can obtain passwords for the device’s RTSP server and SIP account.

BAS-IP classifies these vulnerabilities as medium and recommends that customers upgrade affected BAS-IP models to the latest firmware version.

Risk assessment

A potential adversary needs network access to the device in order to exploit the vulnerabilities. An adversary require credentials to successfully compromise the device. The risk depends on how exposed the device is. Internet-facing device (e.g. exposed via router port-forward) are at high risk. Products deployed on a protected local network are at lower risk.

Risk mitigation

  • It is strongly recommended to upgrade affected models to the latest firmware.
  • It is not recommended to expose devices directly to the Internet (port-forwarding).

Affected models and patched firmware

Affected models list:

  • AV-01D
  • AV-01MD
  • AV-01MFD
  • AV-01ED
  • AV-01KD
  • AV-01BD
  • AV-01KBD
  • AV-02D
  • AV-02IDE
  • AV-02IDR
  • AV-02IPD
  • AV-02FDE
  • AV-02FDR
  • AV-03D
  • AV-03BD
  • AV-04AFD
  • AV-04ASD
  • AV-04FD
  • AV-04SD
  • AV-05FD
  • AV-05SD
  • AA-07BD
  • AA-07BDI
  • BA-04BD
  • BA-04MD
  • BA-08BD
  • BA-08MD
  • BA-12BD
  • BA-12MD
  • CR-02BD

Patched firmware version:

  • 3.9.2