Under the U-Prox brand, a full line of equipment and software is produced for complex provision of facilities of any complexity with an access control and management system. U-Prox has also developed and started implementing a network access control system with a wireless architecture.

U-Prox's activities are focused on the design, development and serial production of devices and software for the organization of ACS, which are based on world advanced technologies.

Shared use

The use of BAS-IP intercom systems in the complex with Proxway equipment is of interest not only for developers and installation organizations, but also for enterprises themselves, office or shopping centers.

Only the U-Prox server and BAS-IP intercom panels need to be installed at the facility. It is enough to specify the address of the Proxy server in the BAS-IP intercom and the equipment of the intercom system will automatically be added to the server in a single interface.

This will help to expand the range of opportunities in the tasks performed, as well as reduce the cost of additional equipment or jobs.

Thanks to the merger of the two systems into a single one, a new level of security and usability has become available:

  • Ability to control locks
  • Reading, adding and deleting identifiers
  • Pass statistics
  • Full support of BAS-IP panels in U-Prox software
  • Using a smartphone as an identifier
  • Unified access control interface
  • Unified event log with customizable filters
  • Centralized distribution of access levels on BAS-IP and U-Prox devices