08 July, 2015

With the help of PC Software, one can send the text messages on the inner monitors and the on-the-day weather forecast, monitor the active devices in the system and security alarm loops of the internal monitors, register and delete access cards on the outdoor panel controller, watch the pass with the help of access cards.

Link – innovative software from BAS-IP, which combines not only ergonomic appearance, PWA support for mobile but also all the most popular access control, system management, and monitoring features.

Link provides the the next functions:

User Control

    • Adding and registering user in the system
    • Setting the Roles
    • Creating the user groups

Access control

  • Guest access
  • Access restrictions
  • Identifiers
  • Access Matrix



  • Messages
  • Announces
  • Emergency alerts

Device management

The software works with:

  1. Multiapartment call panels: AA-01, AA-03, AA-05, AA-07,AA-09, AA-11, AA-12, AA-12FB, AA-14FB
  2. Multibutton call panels: BI-02, BI-02FB, BI-04, BI-04FB, BI-08, BI-08FB, BI-12, BI-12FB, BA-04, BA-08, BA-12, BA-04BD, BA-08BD, BA-12BD
  3. Individual call panels: AV-01, AV-01T, AV-01TE, AV-01D, AV-01ED, AV-01MD, AV-01MFD, AV-01BD, AV-01KD, AV-02, AV-02D, AV-02IDR, AV-02FDR, AV-03D, AV-03BD, AV-07T, AV-07B;
  4. Access controllers: CR-02BD
  5. Internal monitors: AQ-07, AQ-07L, AQ-07LA, AK-10, AK-10L, AM-02, SP-03