How to update card reader firmware using BAS-IP UKEY Config?

07 March, 2022
  1. First, you need to download the app BAS-IP UKEY Config from Google Play or App Store.
  2. For correct Ukey Config work, you must allow access to your location and turn on the Bluetooth function on your phone. When opening the app, the system will ask you to do it.
  3. To update the card reader, you need to download the firmware from the page.
  4. Unzip downloaded file.
  5. Open the BAS-IP UKEY Config app.
  6. Press the search button to find the reader. You have to be very close to the reader.
  7. Choose the card reader for connection and confirm it by pressing the corresponding button.
  8. Enter the installer password and press Save. By default, the password is 123456 or 000000.
  9. Press More in the lower right corner of the main settings screen and Upgrade (if you are an IOS user) or Upgrade at the app’s main screen (if you are an Android user).
  10. Select the unzipped firmware file from the list or folder and press Upgrade.
  11. In a few minutes, you will hear the loading sound of the card reader. It means that the update will be successfully done.