Are your monitors / panels compatible with third-party devices?

Yes, providing that the devices of other manufacturers support SIP (RFC 2543).

Does your equipment support Power over Ethernet (PoE)?

Yes, almost all of our monitors and call panels support the PoE technology. In order to find out whether or not a specific device model supports PoE, please visit our catalog ( and go to the product page. You will find all the necessary pieces of information in the “Technical Specifications” section.

Is your equipment integrated with video surveillance / ACS?

Yes. By means of the video surveillance system, you can record video from outdoor panels by using the RTSP protocol for said purpose.

To allow for a seamless integration with the access control system, our call panels incorporate the WIEGAND-26.

I do not have a QR code box . How can I register on

Please send a photo of the serial number of the equipment (it is at the back of the device, on the sticker) to the following e-mail address: Do not forget to also provide the e-mail address by means of which you have registered your account on

You can add 5 virtual numbers to your account for every single serial number provided.

Can I receive a call from my call panel to my mobile device?

Yes, call reception is in such a case realized through the SIP protocol. To be able to take advantage of said function, you have to install the BAS-IP Intercom application. Afterwards – register on the website to receive proper SIP numbers.

Next, you need to assign these numbers to the call panel and your smartphone. Then, according to the instructions provided, set up a call to your application on your mobile device. As a result, you will be able to receive calls from your call panel to your mobile phone wherever you are, providing that you have an Internet connection.

The technical documentation indicates that internal monitor first connected to protocol converter SH-61, and after that to automation modules through RS-485. Why is particular converter required?

Protocol converter SH-61 converts specialized commands of internal monitor to home automation communication protocols BAS-IP.

Can I record video from outdoor panels to my video recorder NVR?

Yes, you can. Your NVR should be able to enter RTSP command line in manual mode and has H.264 codec.

Please tell us if video intercoms BAS-IP AQ-10v3, BAS-IP AG-04 and outdoor panel BAS-IP AV-01T v3 work within the local network. We’d also like to take incoming calls from outdoor panel to portable devices through the Internet anywhere in the world. What’s required? Would we need any extra equipment?

In this configuration, incoming calls to portable devices are possible – communicators and smartphones which have BAS-IP software and VoIP-client with support H.264 codec. SIP ATS is required for the SIP communication protocol (possibility of taking calls is deleted). It can be, for instance, BAS-IP SIP-PBX-16 or any other SIP ATS with H.264 or G.711 codec support.

What is the priority in a view mode in BAS-IP monitor?

Most BAS-IP monitors in a sleep mode display screensaver that can be used for different purposes. It is worth noting, that in a view mode can be shown such images as analog clock, downloaded on SD card photos “jpeg” or “bmp” format, advertising (link to it is given in the web interface of the monitor and activates by a mark in a monitor menu), connected IP cameras in a standby mode. The priority of demonstration at this list goes ascending from analog clock to IP camera. Modes differ due to work duration, namely analog clock for 15 min, photo frame and advertising – for 30 min, IP camera – for 1 hour.

Please tell, is it possible to install a network reader with an embedded controller CR-01 outside?

Reader with an embedded controller CR-01 has a wide operating temperature range from -40 up to +65 C and dust and moisture proof degree IP65 so that it can be installed outside.