The technical documentation indicates that internal monitor first connected to protocol converter SH-61, and after that to automation modules through RS-485. Why is particular converter required?

Protocol converter SH-61 converts specialized commands of internal monitor to home automation communication protocols BAS-IP.

Can I record video from outdoor panels to my video recorder NVR?

Yes, you can. Your NVR should be able to enter RTSP command line in manual mode and has H.264 codec.

Please tell us if video intercoms BAS-IP AQ-10v3, BAS-IP AG-04 and outdoor panel BAS-IP AV-01T v3 work within the local network. We’d also like to take incoming calls from outdoor panel to portable devices through the Internet anywhere in the world. What’s required? Would we need any extra equipment?

In this configuration, incoming calls to portable devices are possible – communicators and smartphones which have BAS-IP software and VoIP-client with support H.264 codec. SIP ATS is required for the SIP communication protocol (possibility of taking calls is deleted). It can be, for instance, BAS-IP SIP-PBX-16 or any other SIP ATS with H.264 or G.711 codec support.

What is the priority in a view mode in BAS-IP monitor?

Most BAS-IP monitors in a sleep mode display screensaver that can be used for different purposes. It is worth noting, that in a view mode can be shown such images as analog clock, downloaded on SD card photos “jpeg” or “bmp” format, advertising (link to it is given in the web interface of the monitor and activates by a mark in a monitor menu), connected IP cameras in a standby mode. The priority of demonstration at this list goes ascending from analog clock to IP camera. Modes differ due to work duration, namely analog clock for 15 min, photo frame and advertising – for 30 min, IP camera – for 1 hour.

Please tell, is it possible to install a network reader with an embedded controller CR-01 outside?

Reader with an embedded controller CR-01 has a wide operating temperature range from -40 up to +65 C and dust and moisture proof degree IP65 so that it can be installed outside.

Is it possible to set up BAS-IP interphone system in a way to make a call from one outdoor panel come to several monitors?

Is it possible to set up BAS-IP interphone system in a way to make a call from one outdoor panel come to several monitors?

Please explain, what are IR modules?

IR (infrared) modules are modules that send IR signals to all devices which have IR receivers, such as TV, air conditioning, DVD and some music player. In BAS-IP equipment such IR module is called SH-67. This module receives remote control signals and all required commands are recorded on it, and then the PC sets up their order. Configured SH-67 this way, you can manage devices with IR receivers with IR module which will send a signal to a receiving device instead of remote control.

While sending commands in IR range, module can send up to 8 commands at the same time. Module can manage household appliances which have IR receivers using scripts. For this module work, you need SH-61 protocol converter which is connected directly to BAS-IP internal monitor. This protocol converter works as a gateway and convert internal monitor commands to the suitable commands for home automation modules.

Kindly explain how to set up photo frame in BAS-IP intercom?

Most BAS-IP monitors (except AZ-04, AG-04) support photo frame function. To activate this function, you should download desired photos on your SD card and in sleep mode they will be displayed randomly for 30 min. Images should be recorded on SD card in “jpeg” or “bmp” format.

How do we set up 2 intercoms AR-07 and outdoor panel to make ringtone to go to both intercoms simultaneously, and can BAS-IP equipment be configured in such a way?

Yes, it can. BAS-IP equipment can be configured so ringtone goes to both intercoms simultaneously. In the intercom settings in Address tab, in Main field you should select “0” for the one intercom and “1” – for the other. The rest points of tab address (house number, entrance number, floor number, apartment number) should match.

Also, both intercoms Sync field should have the same default value “123456” or any same number (this password between intercoms is required to avoid an unauthorized connection of foreign monitors). After work is done, you can receive a call on 2 internal monitors at once.

What format are videos saved on SD cards in BAS-IP video monitors?

In monitors BAS-IP video is stored on SD card in compressed form H.264, with “avi” container, at the resolution D1 (704×578).