Is information about people who have accessed through the premises transferred to the common system?

In the web interface of the BAS-IP outdoor panels there is a section “Logs” in which all events are logged. During a break in communication with the server, all events are recorded in the panel memory, and after communication with the server is restored, all information is transmitted to it.

How can a client generate guest access using BAS-IP Link?

You can provide guest access both by contacting the security post and independently, without leaving the apartment. To do this, open the browser built into the BAS-IP monitor, log in to your personal account in BAS-IP Link and generate an access code for further transfer to the guest.

Do outdoor panels record video from cameras in “sleep” mode?

All BAS-IP calling panels broadcast RTSP stream for possible video recording from the camera to the DVR.

What ensures the protection of the intercom system from intruders?

In addition to the ability to set complex passwords for access to the web-based interface, BAS-IP calling panels have built-in software protection, and all databases are encrypted.

How long can the outdoor panels work when the power is turned off?

It all depends on the uninterruptible power supply. You can implement it by connecting a 12 mAh battery to the BAS-IP UPS-DP uninterruptible power supply. This will give 4-5 hours of continuous operation of the BAS-IP outdoor panels (operating time depends on the battery capacity).

Do I need an external IP address for remote access to the doorphone through the application?

If SIP is used to access the monitor through the BAS-IP Intercom application, then an external IP address is not needed, but you need to disable SIP filtering in the network settings of your router.

Is it possible to integrate with a private smart home system?

Yes, we can open the API individually for the client monitor. To do this, send the appropriate request to [email protected]

With the AV-01BD outdoor panels, is it possible to expand the number of controlled relays?

Yes, by connecting the BAS-IP SH-42 dual lock control module.

Can I install a program to receive calls from outdoor panels on a PC or laptop?

You can install the SIP client on Windows, MacOS or Linux, with which you can receive calls from BAS-IP outdoor panels, receive video and open the door.

Can I use a smartphone without NFC support to work with BAS-IP UKEY mobile access?

The UKEY mobile access technology operates via both NFC (Near Field Communication) and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). On smartphones with Android OS, you can set the priority of the method of transmitting the identifier (NFC or Bluetooth), as for smartphones with iOS – there is NFC.