Mall “Gallery”

Shopping and Entertainment Center

St.Petersburg, Russia
300 shops

Executor: OOO “Sovremennye Sistemy Bezopasnosti”

The shopping and entertainment centre “Galereya” located at the intersection of Nevskiy and Ligovskiy avenues.in the heart of St. Petersburg. A huge 5-storey centre comprises more than 300 stores, which will be of interest to residents and tourists. Besides a large number of shops, you can find restaurants and cafes in “Galereya”, 10 cinemas and bowling with 27 lanes. There is a park for family fun “Happylon”, as well as an interactive science center “Umnikum”.

A huge car parking of the mall has 1200 parking spaces.

Comfortable communication in such a grand mall required professional communication system that would be easy to use for lots of staff and visitors, as well as externally it matches with the status of the building. Therefore, for “Galereya chose individual IP video panels BAS-AV-02 IP v3 with the touch button and connected to the monitor concierge BAS-IP AM-01 v3. Among the many values of this equipment, it is important to highlight that these devices can be integrated into a security system, as well as support the SIP protocol.