The elite-class residential estate

Astana, Kazakhstan
460 apartments

Residential estate «Triumphal», including 460 apartments, is an apartment complex of elite class in Astana. «Triumphal» is situated on the left bank of the river Yesil, in the prestigious district of the capital of Kazakhstan. Several buildings, from 5 to 8 floors high, are connected by the galleries decorated by the exotic plants.

Comfortable and secure complex is built in the contemporary and posh style. The same refers to technical side. Using BAS-IP video intercom equipment the complex is provided with progressive intercom system, which consists of multi apartment outdoor panels BAS-IP AA-01 v3 and individual outdoor panels BAS-IP AV-01 v3, as well as video intercoms BAS-IP AP-07 v3. The «v3» makes it possible to control remotely the intercom system functions and Smart Home, using a smart phone or a tablet, which runs on OS iOS or Android, by virtue of installed mobile application.