Residential Complex Dirizhabl

Business class Residential Complex

Moscow, Russia
444 apartments

Executor: OOO "TD Videoglaz"

Business class residential complex “Dirizhabl’” is a 40-storey residential building, which is located in downtown Moscow, in the southwest of the capital, at the intersection of Nametkina and Profsoyuznaya. The building comprises 444 open-plan apartments. Here you find everything for comfortable and carefree life – from kindergarten up to the helipad. There are three large parks next to the “Dirizhabl’” – Bitsevskiy, Vorontsovskiy and Troparevskiy, where you can always walk around and relax from the urban bustle.

For residential complex “Dirizhabl’” specialists chose multi apartment IP outdoor panels BAS-IP AA-01 v3. So, residents of the complex not coming up to the door can see who came, talk and even open the lock. With a help of this IP panel, video calls from visitors can be redirected to apartment owners’ mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). Besides, a separate concierge button on the panel BAS-IP AA-01 v-3 gives an opportunity for a visitor to contact the concierge directly. You need this when you have to enter the territory of the residential complex, not a person’s house. For example, electricians who came to check the house substation.