The business-class residential estate

Kiev, Ukraine
1375 apartments

«Otdih» – this is the residential complex on 1375 business-class apartments in Kiev, Ukraine.
The residential estate is surrounded by the forest, in 15 minutes from the metro station. The residential complex «Otdih» takes care of the rest of the people living in this «nature oasis»: the territory is closed and guarded around the clock.

IP intercom matched naturally the architecture of the complex. The part of secure system became the multi apartment outdoor panels of a new generation BAS-IP AA-05 v3. IP video intercom together with the other important technical innovations will achieve the goals established to the project: to provide personal comfort and safety. Besides, the residents won’t disturb each other with the cacophony, because the panel has a nice sound and users can choice one of several polyphonic melodies as a ringtone.