The residential estate

Novosibirsk, Russia
2700 apartments

The new residential estate «Оasis» in Novosibirsk numbers 2700 apartments. Inside court is made in the form of the city-park – the municipal park. Here each apartment has its own parking lot, as a result – there is a huge parking and increased security of the territory.

Safety precaution complex provides here the security posts and the video control system. For this reason to rebuild the intercom system the engineers have chosen the devices, which can provide the integration with other security systems and can be sized easily. IP intercom system BAS-IP matches fully the named criteria.

In the creation of the project were applied: compact monitors BAS-IP AZ-04 v3 and BAS-IP AG-04 together with the outdoor panels BAS-IP AA-03 v3 (with the readout device). The readout devices allow using magnetic cards instead of keys. And the separate concierge button allows contacting it directly if it is necessary. This is very convenient if someone from the service or the postman want to enter the territory.