Lincoln Modern

Multi-apartment solution

56 apartments

Executor: SwitchZmart Pte Ltd

Lincoln Modern – renovation project in Singapore.

Lincoln Modern is a 30-storey luxury condominium, split-level apartments, studios, and penthouses. These residential apartments are a development of principles first explored in Le Corbusier’s two-storey prototype dwelling for the 1922 Immeubles-Villas project, which was subsequently displayed in the Esprit Nouveau Pavilion at the 1925 Paris Exposition. The exposition showed drawings of the dwelling in its possible contexts, both as a stacked unit and as a detached suburban villa.

Recently they were seeking an update for their Door Entry Intercom System and SwitchZmart our local project partner who won the tender and will be conducting a complete upgrade and implementation of FULL IP solutions utilizing the existing wiring. They will be using, BAS-IP AA-12B multi-apartment entrance panels, BAS-IP AV-07B individual panels, and BAS-IP AQ-07L indoor touch screen monitors.