“LIFE- Primorskiy”

Comfortable residential complex

St.Petersburg, Russia
850 apartments

The prestigious residential area “LIFE- Primorskiy” is located in one of the most beautiful areas of St. Petersburg. It consists of several complexes of houses of 10-12 floors each. Among the offered apartments there are standard residential area, apartments with views (overlooking the river, Elagina’s park and the Gulf of Finland), and of course, luxury penthouses. On the territory of the residential complex there are own medical center and an underground parking (for residents and guest). The infrastructure also includes a kindergarten, playgrounds, shopping and service facilities.

Since “LIFE-Primorskiy” is a top-level accommodation so developers approached very carefully to the safety of its residents. The tranquility of people is provided by a protected area, around the clock video surveillance and modern intercom system. There were used multiapartament calling panels (AA-05) as well as individual panels AV-01T (with SIP protocol support). As a home video intercom was chosen the compact AZ-04 with a unique backlit buttons that light up when you get a call or just when you come closer to the device. Also, all video intercoms are connected in a single system with AM-01 which acts as a link concierge monitor.
During the construction of building were also used blocks of uninterruptible power supply BAS-IP UPS-DP/P and SIP switches, designed for 200 subscribers each (SIP-PBX 200).