The house on the Nizhne-Kamenskaya Street

The new business-class house

St.Petersburg, Russia
142 apartments

On the Nizhne-Kamenskaya Street, in the landscape area of St. Petersburg is situated the business-class house. This is a project for 142 apartments, which «neighbors» are townhouses and cottages.

Considering that the ready-made apartments are rented out in this house – with full finish, the complete security system is behind the project of the house. The experts have chosen outdoor panels BAS-IP AA-01 v3 and intercoms BAS-IP AP-07 v3.

BAS-IP – this is unique and adapted equipment for Russian users. Due to the IP intercoms the residents can make free calls to each other between the apartments. Installing additional modules, the various domestic processes can be automated both in the apartments and on the overall house area.