Residential Complex

Minsk, Belarus
At the implementation stage

The modern D-3 residential complex is located in a picturesque area of Minsk. It consists of three 28-storey buildings with 162 apartments in each. The buildings are united by a stylobate base with a total area of 8,000 sq. m, which includes underground parking, office spaces, and storerooms for residents. The stylobate base’s roof is used as a perfectly equipped, free of cars parked near the building area within a multi-level security system. There are trading facilities of various spheres and services outside.

Generally, the D-3 residential complex implemented a unique project, this is an example of modern accommodation in a fundamentally new level.

The engineers turned to the well-known and proven BAS-IP company to build the security system of the complex. The following BAS-IP accessaries were used in this project: a hybrid multi-apartment outdoor panel AA-05, AV-01T individual outdoor panel, AV-01 (supports SIP) and AV-02 individual outdoor panels and AM-01 concierge monitor.