Residential complex Fort Rose

Premium class project

Mytishchi, Russia
16 houses

Premium class project Fort Rose is a residential complex in Mytishchi Russia. It combined 16 houses into one small village. This author project built of clinker brick which is the most modern technology. Fort Rose is situated close to city center, while a beautiful pond can be seen from the windows. An every house is a space open for various design drafts.

Here you can find everything for convenient and comfort accommodation. In this context, inter phone system is indispensable. So mounting organization installed intercom BAS-IP. Outdoor panel BAS-IP AA-01 v3 found its place here, it manages the work of IP intercom system, using mobile phone or tablet. Residents of Fort Rose, if desired, have a possibility to purchase or add any video intercom BAS-IP in order to employ expanded functionality of inter phone system and Smart Home.