Elite settlement of club type

St. Petersburg, Russia
37 houses

Elite settlement of club type “Lamberi” is located near the Northern capital – St. Petersburg, and is 6 km from the ring road and the border of the village Enkolovo. The complex has 44 self-contained cottages. There is a well-developed infrastructure in the village. At the moment, some objects are in the process of building, they are the restaurant, the wellness center, the fitness center and the children’s entertainment center. Also, houses are surrounded by a beautiful park with a public garden and there is an arbor on the lakeside. If you want to live in an ecological green area, but still have the comfort of the city, so “Lamberi” is the ideal place for you.

Particular attention is paid to the protection which is carried out by the professional security agency. The territory is well-illuminated at night, also there is day and night video surveillance. For more complete security, are used IP video intercom BAS-IP system. In front of each house is set individual AV-01T panel with a contactless card reader which supports SIP protocol. And inside – video intercom AN-07, to which the residents can connect the management of their home automation if they want. Also, all intercoms are merged into one system which is connected to a single monitor 01 AM a concierge. It can help to establish connection with any intercom in the system or, for example, receive an alarm message.