03 July, 2019

We are happy to announce a new firmware release, 3.3.0 is available for multi-apartment call panels BAS-IP AA-07/09/11/12.

New firmware BAS-IP AA-07 09 11 12Download the firmware here.

What’s new in this firmware:

  1. Support for Management Software is discontinued
    Support for Management Software is discontinued as the firmware version 3.3.0 will support BAS-IP Link software. The BAS-IP Link software which actually replaces the previous management software. The latest actual firmware for MS is 3.0.0. You can download it here.
  2. Added address book.
    This feature is also enabled in the web interface of the panel. Now, from the panel’s display, you can view the address book of all residents in the apartment/home (names and numbers of residents). You will be able to scroll select from the list and call the desired apartment from the address book.
  3. Added import and export of tabular data (4 types of settings).
    If you have several entrances to one room or the same access rights to different rooms, you no longer have to manually enter data into every panel. It will be enough to enter the data into one panel and then export and load them into the necessary panels.
    When exporting data, a protected ZIP-archive is created that contains data from the “Apartments”, “Identifiers”, “Access Rules”, and “Forwarding” tables.
  4. Added a separate login/password to access the RTSP stream.
    Previously, access to the RTSP stream was necessary to provide the administrator’s login and password, but now there is a separate login/password.
  5. Added support for Spanish.
  6. Added display of the date and time of the call panel in the web interface.
  7. Added search by apartments.
    In the web interface, when adding/editing an identifier, it is possible to search by individual apartments.
  8. Various fixes.