28 June, 2014

BAS-IP with the support of our partner, «Videoglaz», invites everyone to participate in the interesting and informative seminar «Systems of the IP video monitoring, IP intercom and video analytics », which will be held in St. Petersburg on the 9th of July.

Thanks to the professionalism and skill of all the speakers from the security system industry, with over 10 years of experience, you can find out more about novelties of the companies, adopt the best practices from experts and get complete answers on your issues.

 Every participant shall have a very informative event ahead of them with prizes, coffee-breaks and real-time face to face communication with «business sharks» in the sphere of the IP-intercom, video monitoring and video analytics systems.

Speakers are Olga Bernatskaya (BAS-IP), Ananyev Evgeniy and Vasilyev Andrew (Videoglaz).

The number of seats is limited and the amount of time shortens with each hour.

Hurry and register at http://spb.videoglaz.ru/