10 September, 2019

We are pleased to inform you that the Link software which is specifically designed to manage and oversee the entire intercom operation (indoor, outdoor stations & access control section) in residential complexes or office centers of diverse complexity, now has moved to the next stage.

What does it mean? This means that all the basic which is required to run an installation using this software is now 100% up and running.

Key features of BAS-IP Link 1.0.0:

• Organization and maintenance of the structure of the project in the system, a flexible tree structure: cities, areas, streets, houses, entrances, floors, apartments.
• The ability to include a personal account for each of the users.
• Separation of user authority level.
• Cross-platform, system availability, even from the phone.
• Search for devices on the network.
• Device Management – configure devices from the system, without the need to configure each device individually.
• Automatic synchronization of identifiers to devices from the system.
• Flexible configuration of the system of passes according to the schedule.
• Issuing guest access with a choice of checkpoints, the ability to set time limits or the number of passes.
• Notification of the system administrator by mail, in the absence of communication with any device (monitoring).
• Chat with the concierge.
• Mass mailing of announcements and polls to users on the intercom device (monitors) and mail.
• Real-time device log tracking.
• Track device status in real-time.
• Collection of event logs (calls, opening locks, using identifiers, etc.) from BAS-IP devices, their centralized storage, the ability to export to a file.
• Audit changes made to the system by the administrator or other users.
• System data backup system.
• The ability to register users as an administrator or independently by reference.

Download the free version of the software, and we will be glad to your comments and suggestions!

Details on how to download and install, you can read in our Wiki at this link.