19 December, 2019

We are pleased to announce the release of firmware 4.0.0 for the BAS-IP AK-10, AQ-07, AQ-07L monitors, and the AM-02 concierge monitor.

What’s new in this firmware:

– Completely redesigned user interface. The interface looks more stylish and intuitive.
– A new Launcher has been designed, allowing an unlimited number of desktops to be used along with the ability to have up to 8 application icons on the desktop
– Support for BAS-IP Link software. Management Software is no longer supported.
– Implemented an application for displaying ads and polls directly on the monitor itself.
– Support implemented for the SMP extension in the IP camera application. Allowing you to connect IP cameras to an intercom even more manufacturers.
– New security features for opening the lock with an additional password.
– There is now a list and a preview with a photo during the calls. The menu has become more convenient and intuitive.
– Display device names from the phone book for incoming and outgoing calls.
– Support for Spanish and Polish.
– Added the ability to call the elevator directly from the monitor.
– A redesign of buttons on the curtain management menu.
– A new version of API 1.1.0.