09 April, 2014

At the 20th anniversary Moscow International Exhibition BAS-IP company is going to present two new IP outdoor panels BAS-IP BA-04 and BA-08.

As opposed to the accustomed individual and multi apartment panels, these models are widely used for the different kind of buildings, namely: in the townhouses for 2 families, duplexes, office buildings for 2-8 firms, residential complexes and other constructions. The fundamental principle of the device is quite simple: one outdoor panel can be installed on the floor where 4 apartments or offices are situated, that is why there is no need for each user to buy 4 detached panels. Thus, you will save space for the installation and money, one panel costs much cheaper than four of them. In the result, you get quality and functional outdoor panel for the affordable price.

The main feature of these outdoor panels is additional concierge call button – totally new function for the multi apartment panels, realized to date only by the company BAS-IP.

Classic elegant design, durable metal body, functionality – all these characteristics are united in the models BA-04 and BA-08.

Meet BAS-IP BA-04 and BA-08 in stock next September or come to the BAS-IP booth to see them at first-hand this April.