21 December, 2018

Yes, you heard that right, with basIP now you can convert your existing wired installation to a pure IP intercom without having to run ethernet cables for IP intercom on the entire installation.
Sounds insane but we can proudly say, we have the right product for it.

We solved the most confronted headache when doing retrofit installations or replacing an old system. For many, the biggest setback was running new wires or when it’s an already wired installation with conventional systems such as an analogue or digital with 2 or more wires.

To make it even complicated, the customers always pinpoints at the IP system and says he wants exact same features, like the mobile call from panel via cloud server, camera view app (using mobile or indoor monitor), android based monitor, SIP outdoor panel and etc. Consequently, you have no choice looking for the solution what he customers wants or convince him to use the existing system. We all know how difficult it can be to convince a customer when he knows precisely what he wants.

Answer to your problem – All you need is our converter at both end of the installation plus a 2-wire distributor in between to convert any conventional system to a FULL IP system, as easy as that!

For more info please get in touch with us at info@bas-ip.com.