29 March, 2019

The BAS-IP specialists presented our new products at the company’s booth, which we divided into different zones.

BAS-IP Securika 2019BAS-IP Securika 2019 The new models of IP outdoor panels such as the AA-14B with a 10″ TFT screen, face recognition function, and the ability to display targeted advertising as well as designer panels BI-08 and AV-03BD aroused great interest among visitors. Furthermore, we demonstrated the new BAS-IP Link software and the integrations of the BAS-IP equipment implemented with our partners.

Also, specific attention was paid to the intercom stations SP-03, the new concierge monitors AM-02, as well as the new GUI of the BAS-IP monitors.

Thank you for visiting our booth, we appreciate your interest and trust in BAS-IP products. We are working for you and looking forward to seeing you at the next exhibitions! 

If you have any questions or couldn’t make it to the expo, or if you want to know more about our new products, please contact us for a consultation.