30 April, 2014

Management Software v 3.0 is handy and functional software for the residential and office complexes

Management Software v 3.0 is the utility, developed by the company BAS-IP, for solving the complex problems related to the work with security systems in the residential and office complexes.


29 April, 2014

BAS-IP at the 20th international exhibition MIPS-2014

The BAS-IP team took part in anniversary 20th Moscow International Exhibition «Protection, Security and Fire Safety» MIPS-2014 having presented the wild range of design, stylish and multifunctional IP- video intercoms.


28 April, 2014

Infrared control module for IR-devices BAS-IP SH-67: implementation up to 8 instructions in one click

Infrared control module for IR-devices ‏BAS-IP SH-67 makes the house automatics control much easie


25 April, 2014

Delay module for electromagnetic and electromechanical locks BAS-IP SH-40

BAS-IP SH-40 developed the universal delay module for all types of locks, both electromagnetic and electromechanical.