Can be the menu buttons renamed?

This possibility is available for the equipment v3.0 but only by prior request to the manufacturer.

Have many monitors can ring up in the meantime during the call from the individual or multi apartment panels?

During the incoming call up to 9 parallel-connected monitors can ring in the meantime. One of monitors should be the leading one while others – guided. By using the SIP-protocol unlimited quantity of monitors can ring up in the meantime.

Can be the conference call accomplished between the internal monitors?

Our equipment does not support the conference call, only the video intercom between devices.

Where the event archive will be saved?

The archive of incoming, outgoing, missed calls and messages will be saved in the internal memory of the monitor.

Where the alarm signal goes when someone enters the accommodation?

There is an output of the siren on 12V where the signal goes. Also monitors can send the alarm on the Management Center software and concierge monitor.

In what way the user is going to be informed when the alarm will be actuated?

When the alarm system loops which are connected to the individual monitor are going to be activated, the information about it will appear on the display and alarm output of the internal monitor, also the information will be available on the computer software. Using SIP-protocol the messages and calls can be sent on the SIP account.

My internal monitor BAS-IP doesn’t read SD card. What to do about this?

Check if your SD card format is suitable, because for the correct work with BAS-IP monitors SD card should be SDHC format, capacity 4 up to 32 GB, SD card should be 6, 8, 10th speed class.
If your card match all above-mentioned features, you should format the card in FAT32 format on your PC and install the card in BAS-IP monitor, as a result system automatically detect SD card.

Can be the video recorded by the movement-detecting sensor?

No, there is no possibility to record the video in such way.

What format is video stored on SD card in BAS-IP video monitors?

In monitors BAS-IP video is stored on SD card in compressed form H.264, with container “avi”, at the resolution D1 (704×578).

Explain please how to set up photo frame in BAS-IP intercom?

Most BAS-IP monitors (except AZ-04, AG-04) support photo frame function. To activate this function you should download desired photos on your SD card and in sleep mode they will be displayed randomly for 30 min. Images should be recorded on SD card in “jpeg”, “bmp” format.