What are IP video intercom systems?

IP-intercoms are the most progressive and up-to-date solutions among intercom systems in the market, which uses network or Internet for data transfer.

What is the guarantee period for all the BAS-IP equipment?

The guarantee period is 24 months.

What are the advantages of IP-systems compared to the analogue one?

The IP-system….
• establishes inner video connection between the users;
• establishes connection with concierge and residential homes services;
• establishes video monitoring and photo recording of the visitors;
• provides information alert for the owners from the administration of the private houses and residential homes;
• creates the system «Smart home» on individual module base;
• allows users to control a system from their mobile phone (iPhone and Android) in areas with Wi-Fi;
• allows receiving of calls on mobile devices remotely using SIP-protocol;
• connects unlimited numbers of devices in the system that are situated on the unlimited distance;
• can update the software quickly;
• has unique design.

What is the maximim number of devices allowed in the system?

The quantity is practically unlimited – up to 10 million.

Can the system be set up to open the door automatically when the clean contact is being closed (in case of a fire)?

Yes, it is possible. All the panels have a clean contact input for opening the door.

In what way will the user be informed when the alarm is activated?

When the alarm system loops which are connected to the individual monitor are going to be activated, the information about it will appear on the display and alarm output of the internal monitor, also the information will be available on the computer software. Using the SIP-protocol, the messages and calls can be sent on the SIP account.

Is it possible to integrate BAS-IP equipment in the video control system?

Yes, it is. All the v3 SIP equipment can give the video stream by the RTSP protocol for the further usage in the video control systems.

Can the movement-detecting sensor record video?

No, there is no possibility to record the video in such way.

What are the PC Software functions?

With the help of PC Software, one can send the text messages on the inner monitors and the on-the-day weather forecast, monitor the active devices in the system and security alarm loops of the internal monitors, register and delete access cards on the outdoor panel controller, watch the pass with the help of access cards.

Can be the BAS-IP intercom be connected to the existing analogue multi-apartment coordinate-matrix system?

As far as BAS-IP is the digital system, which works using its own protocol, connection to the analogue system is possible only due to the special adapter BAS-IP VIZIT.