Can I connect cameras of any manufacturer to the BAS-IP intercom system?

You can connect IP cameras of any manufacturer using RTSP stream to BAS-IP doorphones.

Is it possible to use only the outdoor panels, without a video intercom (indoor monitor), and control it from a smartphone?

Yes, you can use the outdoor panels without an indoor monitor. You will have the opportunity to configure it for four SIP accounts (4 users). It is also possible to implement a solution for offices: connect the call panel via SIP protocol to the IP PBX and configure the call to the desired users.

Can I use a smartphone without NFC support to work with BAS-IP UKEY mobile access?

The UKEY mobile access technology operates via both NFC (Near Field Communication) and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). On smartphones with Android OS, you can set the priority of the method of transmitting the identifier (NFC or Bluetooth), as for smartphones with iOS – there is NFC.

Can I install a program to receive calls from outdoor panels on a PC or laptop?

You can install the SIP client on Windows, MacOS or Linux, with which you can receive calls from BAS-IP outdoor panels, receive video and open the door.

Is it possible to integrate with a private smart home system?

Yes, we can open the API individually for the client monitor. To do this, send the appropriate request to [email protected]

Do I need an external IP address for remote access to the doorphone through the application?

If SIP is used to access the monitor through the BAS-IP Intercom application, then an external IP address is not needed, but you need to disable SIP filtering in the network settings of your router.

What ensures the protection of the intercom system from intruders?

In addition to the ability to set complex passwords for access to the web-based interface, BAS-IP calling panels have built-in software protection, and all databases are encrypted.

Can I receive a call from my call panel to my mobile device?

Yes, call reception is in such a case realized through the SIP protocol. To be able to take advantage of said function, you have to install the BAS-IP Intercom application. Afterwards – register on the sip.bas-ip.com website to receive proper SIP numbers.

Next, you need to assign these numbers to the call panel and your smartphone. Then, according to the instructions provided, set up a call to your application on your mobile device. As a result, you will be able to receive calls from your call panel to your mobile phone wherever you are, providing that you have an Internet connection.

I do not have a QR code box . How can I register on sip.bas-ip.com?

Please send a photo of the serial number of the equipment (it is at the back of the device, on the sticker) to the following e-mail address: [email protected]. Do not forget to also provide the e-mail address by means of which you have registered your account on sip.bas-ip.com.

You can add 5 virtual numbers to your account for every single serial number provided.

Can I use different manufacturers SIP products?

You can equip your intercom system with products from different manufacturers, provided that it supports standard SIP 2.0. If devices support this protocol, they will work on the same system.