«Management Software v3.0»

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Software “Management Software v 3.0” is a utility, developed by BAS-IP company for a comprehensive solution of issues which occur while working with security systems of residential and office complexes.


Status ScanView status of security mode, IP/MAC addressing and outdoor panels and internal monitors connection status
Access cards controlAdding and removing cards base to the program, binding them to multi apartment and individual panels. Activation and deactivation of cards on the individual and multi apartment panels with binding to the apartment
Sending messagesSending short messages to internal monitors both individually and through mailings
Alert receptionSound notification and reception of alerts from internal monitors when the alarm loop triggered
Statistics loggingStatistics logging on access points on tapped contactless cards. Accounting and statistics on sent short messages to internal monitors. Accounting and statistics on the current security mode and time setting of all system monitors in this mode. Accounting and statistics on the alarm loop status of every system monitor, time setting on the alarm, time removing alarms, time triggering alarm and alarm duration.
ReportsA possibility of reporting system configuration, creating a list of outdoor panels with their options, list of internal monitors with their options, reporting alarm work with the current loop status, tapped access cards on panels and export to Microsoft Excel