BAS-IP Intercom


BAS-IP Intercom for IOS

Stylish design combined with modern technology


An application designed with communicators and mobile phones in mind, by means of which the user is granted the possibility of answering calls, viewing videos from outdoor panels, managing home alarm modes, as well as supervising home automatics.

Please note: For all the functions of the communicator to work properly, the utilized mobile phone or tablet computer should be connected to the same local network as the main monitor. If the user utilized the application in a different local network, the scope of available functions will be limited.


Management of home automaticsLight, air conditioning and curtains
Scenario managementSupervision over the pre-programmed scenes of home automatics modules
Call receptionReception and readdressing of calls made via the SIP protocol from outdoor panels, IP telephones, and other VoIP clients ( the application supports the standard SIP-client)
Management of alarm modesSecurity system activation/deactivation function
Alarm message receptionIn the case of an emergency
Additionally• Receive push-notifications for incoming calls;
• Support push-notifications for alarm triggers;
• Save photos from outdoor panel cameras;
• Phonebook of subscribers;
• Additional button allowing to open the second lock.