BAS-IP for Android

Stylish design, modern technology

The application for the communicators and mobile phones by means of which you get the possibility to answer the calls, view videos from outdoor panels, manage home alarm modes and home automatics.

Attention: For the proper work of all application functions your communicator, mobile phone or tablet computer should be connected to the same local network as a main monitor. If using the application in different local network, the list of available functions is going to be limited.


Connection with outdoor panelsReceiving calls from multi apartment and individual outdoor panels, and carrying on a conversation with outdoor panels after an income call is over
Door lock managementManaging the door lock via relay management in outdoor panel (opening the door lock during the conversation)
Viewing the videoViewing the videos from cameras of the individual and multi apartment outdoor panels
IntercomMaking the calls by intercom on any internal monitor in the system
Management of the alarm modesTurning on and off the security system
Receiving alarm messagesIn case of alarm
Management of home automaticsLight, air condition and curtains
Management of the scenariosManaging the preprogrammed scenes of the home automatics modules
Receiving the callsReceiving and readdressing calls made by SIP protocol from outdoor panels, IP telephones and other VoIP clients ( the application supports work by way of usual SIP-client)